Myanmar in Southeast Asia is a beautiful part of the world. But below the surface, everything is broken.

The world’s longest-running civil war means generations of Burmese have lived in fear, have been stripped of opportunity and are trapped in lives of poverty, crime and violence.

Together we will build a beacon of hope that will break through the darkness in Myanmar.

In the next 10 years, 5000 people in 50 communities will have their lives transformed forever.

We are building a resource and development centre that will be a beacon of hope, and a place where people will have opportunities open to them that they have never had before.

People will learn skills in language, music, business, agriculture, parenting, sewing and much more.

It will be a community space welcome to anyone, no matter their ethnic or religious background, where they can be encouraged to make their dreams a reality and launch social initiatives that will change lives of people around them.

Together, let’s build a beacon of hope for the people of Myanmar.

How can I give?

* Note Australian, Canadian and USA donations are tax-deductable. All other global donations are not tax-deductable and can be processed through Global Developemnt Group, Australia.